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Digital Smart Media – Video Production

Digital Smart Media can find solutions for your video production needs. Always wanted to be on to try television marketing?? Not quite sure how to get your companies message into a creative commercial? Digital smart media knows every brand is unique and one of the most important thing a business must have to succeed is the Brand. We offer the latest in production technology from Areal footage of your water park to creating youtube video’s on how to replace a toilet. Digital Smart Media can take your idea of creating a television series, or late night paid program, to traditional :30, :15, :05 or Bookend spot buys a reality. We understand that not all media purchases are made with a ROI made in mind and creating that perfect ID for your business to run while underwriting your favorite public television program.

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:15, :15/:15, :30, :30/:30, :60, 1:30, 14:15, 2:00, 28:30, 57:00


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