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Digital Smart Media – Bus Wraps

Advertising on buses is a great way to get your message out in front of potential customers. Below are the options of buses available depending on your metropolitan area:

  • King 27 x 141
  • Super King 30 x 240
  • Ultra King 30 x 240
  • Queen 27 x 85
  • Tail 19 x 69
  • Head 20 x 48

When it comes to bus wraps the options are below based on your market:

  • Wrapped Bus 8 x 40 attract the eyes of people on the streets and allow an advertiser tremendous creativity
  • Full Back 8 x 8 Great way to reach people as they are commuting
  • Ultra King 8 x 20 Oversized Bus wrap that attracts the eyes of everyone on the streets
  • Bus Card Interior ad space that can reach a very targeted audience for a significant period of time.
  • Brand Bus Own the entire interior of the bus

If you would prefer to advertise on the rail or subway it has many options available as well and they include:

  • Brand Train: This is a perfect way to get to that hard to reach commuter audience.  Frequent ridership means frequent exposure and potential customers
  • Car Card: 22 x 21 One portion of the rail car
  • Wrapped Interior Train: completely wrap the interior of the rail car is a great way to force commuters to see your message a lot.
  • Wrapped Exterior Train: These trains are extremely visible for everyone rolling near stations, highways, or who are stopped waiting for the train to go buy.

learning more about how Outdoor Advertising affects your business please contact us and a Digital Smart Media marketing representative will be happy to help!

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BUS BENCHES, BUS INTERIOR, BUS SHELTERS, FULLY WRAPPED BUSES, Head 20 x 48, King 27 x 141, Queen 27 x 85, RAIL SYSTEMS & SUBWAYS, Super King 30 x 240, Tail 19 x 69, Ultra King 30 x 240