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Billboard Advertising

Next time you drive down the highway look around and see just how many billboards are surrounding us.  It is important to know how this medium works in designing a billboard campaign into your marketing plan.  Over the past few years outdoor advertising companies technology has improved and now offer digital boards along with the traditional vinyl boards. This change has increased the necessity of an effective creative plan to deliver a clear concise message to potential customers.  Billboard advertising is best used as a branding medium and results have shown it is not the most effective use of a marketing budget for  a direct response campaign. Billboard advertising is not a cheap form of advertising and it isn’t very effective as a stand alone marketing vehicle.  Often small to midsize businesses purchase a single board and see very little result for a premium price.  Digital Smart Media recommends purchasing multiple boards because the CPM is greatly reduced when buying multiples and the impact is greatly increased.  Another thing to consider in planning a billboard advertising campaign is the potential for extra free exposure.  Once your contract is completed your billboard might or might not come down.  Outdoor advertising companies often leave the existing information up until it is purchased again giving extra runtime.

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