Television advertising is still the king and undisputed champ in the heavy weight division of mass marketing tools available today.  Contrary to some digital marketing agencies information it is still the most consumed form of media used by people in the United States with mass appeal and a budget barrier to entry television gives your business the ability to look bigger than it probably really is.  The investment is significant and to production has much more variables that other forms of advertising making it easy for people to overlook when media planning.  The cost makes this vehicle a great buy for multiple location stores, retail stores, and high margin services. The reason behind the power of television lies in its ability to combine Sight, Sound, and Motion to create the catalyst of all buying decisions Emotion.  Digital Smart Media utilizes television advertising as one of its primary traditional media tools, this powerful of this complex platform to support its digital efforts creating high quality landing pages for PPC campaigns and longer term SEO related back to that specific keyword we choose to grow your organic search ranking. It is not only necessary for a business to create top of mind awareness it must also leverage the internet to catch that potential customer during the buying process. Television advertising is the most recognizable form of push marketing because it brings content to the user. Also known as “traditional marketing,” push is the grandmother of modern marketing. Direct mail marketing, such as catalogs and brochures, are prime examples of push marketing. Push Marketing  is known as outbound marketing since the message is pushed out to potential customers.

Broadcast Television

Television programming sent over the air with no subscription cost to the receiver. The Major Broadcasting Networks are ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC but, they might or might not be the group managing the station in your area.  Most Broadcast Networks have an affiliation agreement with a company that owns a station. That agreement is a contract binding the local station to the network for a set number of years. Broadcast Television is traditionally the top media outlet utilized by political groups who have access to advertising anywhere.  Broadcast television stations typically have a combination of syndicated programming and local programming.  Digital Smart Media takes advantage of the local programming portion with In Content advertising that can be used online for our clients to maximize exposure.

Cable Television

Cable television is a system of broadcasting that allows a subscriber to pay for premium services that are not included with free broadcast television.  They offer advertisers the ability to target specific audiences such as HGTV or DYI for home improvement or furniture stores. They also offer the ability to geo target specific areas allowing you to reach a far more detailed audience than ever before.

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