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Digital Smart Media Team – CEO Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson has a vast experience in both the digital and traditional marketing mediums giving Digital Smart Media a strategic advantage over the old school media buying agencies and or the up and coming digital only marketing firms.  Chris Johnson has completed all of the Google Partner training examinations Adwords, Analytics, Video, Mobile, and Shopping. along with the Bing and analytics academy partner programs.  After graduating in Finance from the University of Utah Chris Johnson found himself at KTVX ABC4 Television in Salt Lake City where he won Rookie of The Year in 2010 along with New Business Champion 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014.  Getting a jump start in the long format in content marketing sector Chris Johnson partnered up with Jay Deher and Darin Rhodes to start a local Real Estate program Real Estate Essentials that has helped many local companies grow through not only the traditional, and digital marketing platforms but, has developed a strategic alliance between new construction, residential remodel, service industry and traditional residential real estate agents market.  With unbeatable promotions and collaborative efforts partners of Real Estate Essentials are able to be a one stop shop for all real estate related needs big or small.  Chris Johnson business acumen and determination helps his partners achieve a desired result no matter where they are in the business lifecycle. ABC Television allowed him the ability to listen and learn from top level decision makers and give my input on helping them achieve these objectives through effective advertising. an account executive must be self motivated, competitive, persuasive, and personable.  If your business would like a complimentary website analysis, traditional marketing check up, or fresh ideas to help you stand out from your competitors contact him at:

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